Best Ways to Run a Business Meeting

Every industry relies on business meetings to get things together. Weekly meetings held by tow truck Herndon va help employees to be more productive and work on achieving set goals. Your team members have a lot of things that need to be accomplished and if not well prepared, they can get off track. Business meetings are a fact of life. However, when holding such meetings, you need to carefully plan to ensure you can accomplish what you need without demoralizing your team.

Here are key things you need to get right.

Be exclusive

Employees rarely enjoy business meetings. When the meeting doesn’t require their presence, they will be wasting their time. You need to determine which team members legitimately need to be present at your meeting and limit the number of attendees to wade off those who don’t need to be there. When you involve unnecessary colleagues in the meeting, it is easy to get off track. Fewer people are more likely to get along and agree on several things.

Stick to the agenda

Without a predetermined agenda, your meeting will stray from its course and will likely last longer than expected. You need to create a firm agenda ahead of time to keep attendees focus and ensure you cover all the areas need. Consider inviting people to act as timekeepers and notify others when time is up. Send agenda to those who are attending at least 24 hours in advance so that they can be well prepared with their contributions. If you are facing a specific challenge where you are needed to come up with a solution, encourage them to prepare solutions in time so that they can be discussed in the meeting.

Tell Stories

People will always relate to stories. People retain about 5 t0 10 percent of what they hear. If you can include these statistics with an image, retention will increase to 25 percent. If you can come up with statistics, present them with a story, then retention jumps to about 70 percent. That is the case because facts engage only the language portion of our brains while stories engage multiple parts of our brains at the same time. Stories activate the part of our brain that would have been involved if we experienced the story ourselves.

Change the scenery

Meetings can be repetitive and quite boring, and this can hamper productivity. When your team gets comfortable with its surrounding, they can easily disengage and checkout. You need to shake things up by moving a meeting to a different location. Change the environment as doing so will encourage creativity. New locations also prompt people to be more alert to unfamiliar surroundings, and this ultimately means more engagements. You can also decide to host meetings in new places such as coffee shops, among others.

If you feel like not changing the meeting location, you can consider altering some elements of the meeting by requesting your attendees to stand instead of sitting. Doing so can prompt productivity as you keep everyone alert and focused.

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