Why You Should Listen to Your Customers

Customers have a certain level of expectation and that is the reason they are choosy on which company to do business with, and which one to shun. Just an instance of missed expectations can make a customer change provider for what they perceive to be a better opportunity. Tow trucks in Virginia Beach try their best to deliver the best customer experience due to the nature of customer demands, coupled with the competition. Stats show 85 percent of customers would switch products or services after a bad experience with a company’s customer service department.

Listening to your customers

To avoid losing your customer base, it is important you listen to your customer and deliver to their expectations. Effective listening to your customers involves connecting with them and understanding how you can help them achieve their goals. You will note that the best customer service representatives are excellent listeners.

Here are the reasons why you should actively listen to your customers.

Reduce Customer Churn

As far as churn is concerned, poor customer service is the second biggest reason why customers ditch their providers. When a customer doesn’t feel valued during a service interaction, they will be quick to look for competitors to get the service or product they need. Customers are even happy to pay more for another provider if they are assured of better customer experience.

Improve customer loyalty

No matter how great your product or service is, you are not completely safe from the churn. Though research shows that 50 percent of customers have no plans to change their suppliers, 80 percent of them end up changing suppliers within the first five years. A simple poor interaction would cause the majority of your customers to shun you. You need to be on your A-game to ensure you keep pace with customer demands and fulfill both their short term and long term expectations.

Increase customer retention

If your customer representative actively listens to your customers, service interaction becomes a little bit smoother. When the customer and rep are on the same page, disputes are solved a little bit faster and everyone is left happy. Ensure there is no friction between you and customers as doing so will ensure customer retention rates are high.

There are a couple of good habits you can adopt to effectively listen to your customers. First, you should let the customer speak. You need to remain actively silent until a customer speaks out all their problems. Even if you already know the solution, you should avoid interrupting. Active listening is important as it shows a customer you are interested in and following what they are putting across to you.

Always stay calm, composed, and humble and be patient with a customer. It can be frustrating to work with some customers, but despite what, always remain patient. Some customers may be nagging, and others might have baseless questions, but as per the universal rule, a customer is always right and should be listened to. While engaging with your customers, always use their preferred channels